Ontario New Custom Homes

Summerfield Construction: Obtain your dream home.

Since 1873, Summerfield Construction has designed and built quality custom homes that bring your visions and dreams to life. Summerfield Construction’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality homes has earned it a reputation as a trusted builder of custom homes in Ontario. We provide end-to-end services, including location, planning, financing, permitting, city inspections, architectural design, project management, a material selection from our award-winning design centres, construction, and post-occupancy handyman services. We provide housing construction solutions.

How to make your dream home come true

Enjoy a design and build process that has evolved over the years.

Certified Summerfield specialists support every step of your custom home project.

  • location and plan
  • Feasibility assessment
  • custom building design
  • Walk around your house in 3D
  • material selection
  • Fixed price contracts and blueprints