Ontario Commercial Tenant Improvements
Commercial and industrial tenant improvement service

Summerfield Construction is a full service his specializing in tenant coordination, base construction and building improvement services. Since 1873, we have completed hundreds of commercial tenancy improvement projects for a variety of Ontario clients in virtually every industry, including commercial real estate agents, property managers, and public/private investors. From large industrial warehouses and distribution centers to retail centres, multi-story office buildings and restaurants, we have the expertise to assure your tenant improvement project is seamless, efficient and to your standards. to run on Our growth is based on consistent and reliable service quality in every tenancy coordination project we undertake.

What is the Commercial Tenant Improvement Service?

A commercial tenancy or tenancy improvement property definition is a custom modification made to rental space as part of a commercial lease by a building owner to configure the space to meet the needs of a particular tenant. Examples of commercial tenant improvements include office or wall additions, break rooms or kitchens, additional bathrooms, meeting rooms, suspended ceilings, general remodeling and/or painting.

  • building permit drawing
  • drywall and framing
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • carpentry and milling
  • kitchen & washroom
  • Painting and general wall finishing
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • Flooring and general flooring
  • complete and selective demolition etc!