Home Renovation Services in Lakeshore, ON

Lakeshore Kitchen Renovation Company:

Lakeshore Kitchen Renovation Company:

The kitchen is where most homeowners spend the majority of their time. We can start right away if it’s time to remodel the look of your kitchen. We have remodeled numerous homes in Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada, and we have earned a reputation for providing work of the utmost quality.

A newly remodeled kitchen will improve the unique moments and memories you have in your home because it is the center of your house and where families and friends congregate.

The most significant return on your investment may be achieved by remodeling your kitchen, which will also raise the value of your house and the overall enjoyment of the room.

The experts in Lakeshore kitchen remodeling are Summerfield Construction Company. We are the most fantastic option for the distinctive, superb, modern kitchen of your dreams.

The whole spectrum of kitchen remodeling services, including new custom cabinets, new flooring, lighting, backsplashes, worktops, kitchen trim, and crown moldings, are all available from us.

By remodeling existing kitchen cabinets, offering custom painting of older cabinets, and adding new hardware, new countertops, and new backsplashes, we can entirely transform the appearance of your current kitchen.

Summerfield Construction Company offers the most outstanding home renovation services in Lakeshore since we use various materials and methods under customer requests and requirements.

Contact Summerfield Construction Company right away to learn how we can assist you with creating the kitchen of your dreams anywhere in Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada. Lakeshore is not the only place where we are famous for our work. We are famous kitchen remodelers in Windsor as well.

Lakeshore Bathroom Renovation Company:

Having a beautiful, tranquil, and calming bathroom can give your day the right start and finish because they are typically the first and last rooms we use daily.

Like kitchen remodeling services, bathroom remodeling can significantly increase your home’s value. Your beautifully remodeled bathroom will amaze your family. Your bathroom can be constructed in a wide range of styles. We will collaborate with you to fully understand your needs to customize our services to match those goals, ensuring that your new bathroom is remodeled just how you want it.

Summerfield Construction Company firmly believes in the power of “Word of Mouth” advertising, which can only occur if we manage each job with professionalism and gain our clients’ trust. We go above and above to complete a bathroom remodeling job with a satisfied client, even if it means putting 200% of our effort into it. We keep our promises to you and carry them out. Our business is based on trust, and we are happy to stick to our word and fulfill our commitments. Because of Summerfield Construction Company’s openness in the restoration sector, our customer fully understands the knows and whys of every step of their bathroom makeover process.

Your go-to source for Lakeshore remodels is Summerfield Construction Company. Not just Lakeshore but for the Town of Tecumseh home remodeling, and LaSalle home renovations as well.

We specialize in entire bathroom remodeling, custom showers or tubs, tile work, new vanities, trim, waterproof showers, accessible showers, and new bathroom tile flooring.

Call us right away to find out how we can assist with creating your new ideal bathroom.

Lakeshore Bathroom Renovation Company: